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SOD Technologies erp

Tips To Create Effective Landing Pages to Increase Sales Conversion

The basic purpose of the landing page in the online marketing is to inform, persuade and to sell the products or service  when the customer visited the page and convert them as buyers. Landing pages are those pages that the prospctive customers arrive on after clicking on a links given in promotional newsletter emails, banner ads, PPC ads etc landing pages are the key conversion factor on conversion process. Tips for the landing pages which are effective in sale conversion

 1. Identify your user.

2. Maintain continuity.

3. Make landing page simple.

4. Give the information you have promised.

4. Gather personal information.

6. Use multimedia strategically.

7. Use targeted landing pages.

8. Include a call to action.

9. Make your landing page trustworthy and secured.

10.Provide feedback to your visitors after they respond to your call to action.

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Customize the landing pages so that each landing page has a call to action targeted to the specific group you are marketing to. If you are looking to create effective landing page that make more sales conversion than you expected contact us soon.

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