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SOD Technologies erp

What to Look for in an ERP Software for SCM?

The job of choosing the right ERP system for a business is difficult if one does not know what factors to give priority. Being the head of the team for choosing and installing the SCM software for a business, is easy for a person well versed with the requirements of the business. ERP India The most important criteria to choose a software is the requirement of the business. If an SCM business caters to all sizes of clients, it is important to choose a software which can be scaled according to the needs of the business. Openssource erp

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ERP Trends that Impact Your Business

The Enterprise Resource Planning tools for a business provides the required platform for your business to transform into a technology-focused entity. The future where the technological tools become indispensable for managing your business is not far fetched. Implementing software tools for managing your business is mandatory for it to be able to adapt to rapid change and growth in e-Commerce. The modes and trends in a business keep evolving with technology, take a look at some of the trends in ERP which affect your business.

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Choosing between the Proprietary ERP and the Open Source ERP

The decision to choose between the licensed ERP software and the open source ERP is a tough one to take. More so, when the business is embracing the ERP POS solutions for the first time. A licensed and proprietary ERP software may come with added features but a business must look into the scalability and usability factor of a software. If a business is not using all the features a software has to present, then the license costs and upgrade costs are wasted each year. Adempiere India Listed below are a few important factors which help make the right decision. Idempiere 

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GST Ready Complete Accounting Software by SODTECH

GST or Goods and Services Tax is the most important matter of discussion in the country right now. Every ERP solution has developed their GST module in order to make dealing with the calculations of GST easier and to make complying with the statutory norms more convenient. ERP Companies In India. SODTECH offers a GST module that makes your GST tax filing work and billing work more like a child’s play. Opensource erp

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Supply Chain Management

A growing manufacturing business will benefit by automating the process of supply chain management. This process helps facilitate the enterprise mobility and business expansion. Mobile applications help automate the process of chain management through easy end-user apps. A manufacturing company with an aim to expand its reach will have to manage a greater clientele base.

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ERP Solution In India  It Helps you to Rank Higher on Google and Generate Organic Traffic. Idempiere


Enterprise Mobile Applications - Choosing the correct Technology Option

Mobile technology has revolutionized completely the way we shop, work and stay informed. A mobile device is possessed by almost every person in the United States. One out of three people possess a smart phone, a device considered to be powerful like that of the traditional laptop. There is repetition of such explosive development in other countries. Fertile ground is being offered by the powerful capabilities of the current set of powerful mobile devices, especially for countless exciting applications.

Although high demand is experienced by consumer apps, new business applications have been emerging constantly, thereby enhancing productivity among employees and partners. Mobile applications can be found by any enterprise that is eager to assist, engage and inform its customers or employees for creating unavoidable opportunities.

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